Children talent program

Sports diagnostics for children represents series of tests which are used to evaluate child’s morphological characteristics, motoric and functional capabilities and level of specific knowledge that is unique for each and every person.This kind of testing is crucial for selection and guidance of children to different sports,training program optimization and monitoring of growth and development of all qualities,abilities and specific level of knowledge.This kind of testing can be conducted at any time,and best during the sensitive phases of child’s growth and development in order to fully utilize the biological potential.

Our children talent program consists of the following methods:

1. Body posture analysis
2. Morphological tests
3. Motorical and functional capacity tests

Type and number of tests are defined accordingly to age and sport of examiner.

injury prevention program

In order to engage in any sport whether as professional,semi-pro or amateur athlete you need to be healthy and fit in order to display your skills,compete and thrive.Getting injured can backtrack your career and lower your confidence level so the best thing you can do is to get ahead of the injuries by preventing them before they even happen and generally reduce the risk of getting injured.

Our injury prevention program consists of the following methods:

  1. Body posture analysis
  2. Thermography
  3. Tensiomiography
  4. Dynamometry


Speed and power program


Speed and power are the things that every athlete wants and the things that every athlete needs.Whether you are a track and field competitor,football player,basketball player,tennis player or fitness enthusiast looking to improve their performance you need to have a starting point information about your current status and level of training.That kind of information will give you the guidelines for creating your training programmer parameters(intensity,volume,frequency…) to get the best out of each exercise.

Our speed and power program consists of the following methods:

  1. Perception
  2. Information processing and decision making
  3. Acceleration
  4. Reaction time speed
  5. Acceleration
  6. Speed
  7. Explosive strength
  8. Agility

Endurance program

Endurance  is the ability to sustain the necessary activity level for a specific competitive sport. It includes both cardiovascular and muscular endurance required for the sport.
Events or sports more than 2-3 minutes transition from quick energy (muscle glycogen) sources to an oxygen-based (aerobic) energy source. A moderately high to high VO2 max is is a critical component for success in aerobic events and local muscular endurance.By using spyroergometry testing we can determine an athlete s endurance level and their thresholds for an easier and smarter way to train.